Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cellular Carriers Considering VoIP

'At a recent Banc of America Securities conference on media, telecom and entertainment, Verizon Wireless Executive Vice President and CTO Dick Lynch described his company's plans to eventually offer VoIP over the company's cellular network. "I think 2008 or 2009 is the time when we'll see it start to take hold in a real commercial sense," Lynch said.

The greatest barrier to such a deployment, Lynch said, is the speed of the network itself. "What we need to make voice over IP real in the sense of the mainstream voice application solution is to have EV-DO Revision A, because that provides us a faster uplink—it moves the uplink up to a peak rate of about 1.8 Mbps," he said. "Once we've done that, and we've added quality of service and a few other things that need to get done, I think voice over IP is clearly on the evolution path."

At the same time, a new report from the research firm Analysys suggests that cellular carriers are vulnerable to competition from wireline and fixed wireless carriers through voice over Wi-Fi. "VoIP may look more attractive to those seeking to bypass mobile operators' voice tariffs," says Dr. Mark Heath, co-author of the report.

Alain Mouttham, CEO of the SIP-based software company SIPquest, says that 41 percent of cellular calls in Europe are made in locations which are either Wi-Fi enabled or can easily be Wi-Fi enabled, such as homes, offices, or campuses. Mouttham says this provides cellular carriers with an excellent business opportunity. "With voice over Wi-Fi and with rich media over Wi-Fi, they can provide 3G-like services but at a much, much, much lower cost," he says.'

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