Monday, March 14, 2005

Web-conferencing application Reviews

'If your business requires frequent one-on-one meetings, say for brainstorming sessions, yet lacks a sufficient travel budget, you might be wise to cancel those expensive plane and hotel reservations and invest instead in one of these online Web-conferencing services. According to Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, his company will save nearly $40 million in travel expenses this year using Live Meeting, for example. However, even small businesses can benefit from these services.

What you can expect from these Web-conferencing services varies with the price, of course. The most affordable, Citrix GoToMeeting, is a bare-bones presentation service that uses conventional teleconferencing centers for the audio portion while presenting PowerPoint and shared desktop presentations via desktop PCs. Convoq ASAP Pro 2.0 takes Web conferencing a step further, adding one-to-one video and Voice over IP (VoIP) to allow participants to both see and hear content over their desktop PCs. There's also a free version of Convoq that's limited to two users.'
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