Wednesday, March 16, 2005

VoIPMDU.COM Completes Purchase of Online Live Sports Play-by-Play Streaming Video Website

VoIPMDU.COM announced today that it has completed its Letter of Understanding with INSINC, Vancouver, B.C., and has acquired a 100% interest in an online website providing live and on-demand sports events via streaming video webcasts.

The website, currently offers live webcast and on demand pay-per-view facilities to a wide variety of sports organizations, including ten junior hockey teams, nine horse racing venues, the Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer Team, the Coquitlam Adanacs Lacrosse Team, various university sports teams and several national events such as the Challenge Cup and National Baseball Championships.

"The acquisition of fits perfectly into our original plan of offering comprehensive VoIP packages in voice, video and data to consumers and business owners in North America and around the world," stated Richard Kipping, Chairman and CEO of VoIPMDU.COM. "The strongest breakthrough sector within the VoIP industry is the sports subscription business where pay-per-view streaming has become the king," he added.

According to Stat/MDR Research, North American subscribership to online video services is growing at a rate of 50% per year, and by 2007, more than 9 million North American subscribers will pay monthly for digital services. In all, streaming video is projected to generate nearly $400 million in revenue this year and over $ 3.3 billion by the year 2007 in North America.

VoIPMDU.COM will expand its sports streaming video market into several levels of professional and amateur sports, with a focus on junior hockey, which is presently enjoying a massive new fan base with the NHL lockout providing a source of revenue to cash-strapped sports groups. The Company is now in discussion with several junior hockey leagues in western Canada, amateur boxing venues and regional baseball leagues that have virtually no media coverage.

VoIPMDU.COM's joint venture partner, INSINC ( will provide all the backup services required including broadcasting setup, administration, tech support, help desk functions, customer contact and installation setup.


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