Tuesday, March 15, 2005

VoIP: Targeted for Indecency?

'VoIP somehow made it into United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation Chairman Ted Steven’s Response to questions on decency last Friday. Stevens showed signs of including Internet decency regulation in legislation initially proposed to impose penalties for radio and live TV and syndicated broadcast. The chairman was asked if he was still planning for the Commerce Committee to markup the Broadcast Decency bill and if he knew when that would be and also if he was considering expanding that to include cable.

“Why should cable insist that you have to call them because your children have already seen something that you don’t want them to see? Now, we are going to mark it up and I hope cable comes to its senses and understands that I think the American people mean business. I’ve got a thousand e-mails, what not, spurred by the cable industry. We got 10,000 from the public and I believe the public is with us. We ought to find some way to say, here is a block of channels, whether it’s delivered by broadband, by VoIP, by whatever it is, to a home that is clear of the stuff you don’t want your children to see,” responded Stevens.'
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