Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Users cite VoIP's convenience, cost savings

'During sessions at VoiceCon 2005, IT managers described the hunt for the killer voice-over-IP app in many different terms. But convenient messaging, especially for on-the-go workers, was cited as a strong selling point for VoIP by multiple attendees.

For example, Janet Selinske, vice president of technical resources at Paramount Pictures Corp. in Los Angeles, said the film studio's executives “absolutely love” using PC-based softphone technology with VoIP because they can travel to a foreign city, plug a headset into a laptop and make calls over an IP network without incurring the typical calling costs.

“They can be traveling, and people think they're at home,” she said. Paramount has also seen an increase in usage of videoconferencing over IP, replacing an older ISDN connection, at tremendous savings and convenience to users, she said.'
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