Thursday, March 17, 2005

Square7 Launches First Cordless Skype VoIP Phone

'Square7 has launched the first cordless DECT phone that's compatible with the popular Skype VoIP service. The Olympia Cordless DUALphone is a cordless telephone that can be connected to a normal telephone socket and a USB port on a PC. The display shows whether your friends who also use Skype, are online. If they are, you simply have to press the appropriate green button and talk to them for free - no matter where they are in the world. If their PC is switched off, or you want to call someone who doesn't use Skype, you simply press the other green button and call via the standard telephone connection. The DUALphone is not the only Skype-compatible VoIP phone, though - earlier this month gadget site launched the Cyberphone £29.95 (inc. VAT), although the phone is corded and looks less conventional.'
Source: Square7 Launches First Cordless Skype VoIP Phone


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