Saturday, March 19, 2005

Light Reading Webinar to examine VoIP and security

'As VoIP moves from the environment of cheap or free Internet calls into mission-critical enterprise telephony and carrier PSTN replacement, security matters are becoming more serious and attracting much attention.

Though few attacks have been reported, many vulnerabilities have been uncovered. Is this just poor new software implementation that will improve with real-world experience?

Will VoIP security be an easy addition to a comprehensive security policy?

Or are threats such as eavesdropping, replay attack, message integrity compromise, service theft, denial of service, and others significantly different from previous IP communications threats? And if VoIP security can be fixed, what will it cost?

A Webinar organized by Light Reading will address these issues including service provider and enterprise VoIP security issues, VoIP vulnerabilities and threats, VoIP equipment protection measures and network equipment protection measures.'
Read more at Light Reading Webinar to examine VoIP and security


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